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  • Sample of Henan under collective wage consultation system

    Sample of Henan under collecti

    Through collective offer activities, in 2010, Anyang Anyang ferroalloy industry workers wa

  • Anyang vigorously develop circular economy

    Anyang vigorously develop circ

    Anyang is a traditional industrial base in Henan province. After years of development, it

  • Anyang cracked the bottleneck of sustainable development and promoted the development of circular economy

    Anyang cracked the bottleneck

    Recently, the reporter found in Henan County of Anyang Qu Gou Zhen interview, a large numb

  • Agents all over the country

    Agents all over the country

    1, Shanxi Zhang, Jincheng, 131331666822, Hebei, Tangshan, Zhang Jinwei 159305751983, Liaon

  • The twelfth China International Foundry fair Anyang Kelon Casting Material Co., Ltd.

    The twelfth China Internationa

    Leaders: 2014 the twelfth China International Foundry Expo opened on May 19th --22 at Beij

  • Selection of raw materials for casting materials

    Selection of raw materials for

    In selecting raw materials for casting materials, the main characteristics of different ma

  • Control points of casting materials

    Control points of casting mate

    We should know, in fact, in the foundry industry, in order to get better castings, in addi

  • Code for safety operation of stainless steel Burden batching workers

    Code for safety operation of s

    First of all, attention should be paid to the specific situation of stainless steel burden

  • Technical measures for strengthening the properties of casting materials

    Technical measures for strengt

    The quality control of casting materials is one of the most basic requirements and also on

  • New technology of refractory castable

    New technology of refractory c

    New technology refractory castable is developed on the basis of low cement series refracto

  • What is the basic knowledge of _ castable castable

    What is the basic knowledge of

    Castable, also called refractory castable, is a kind of unshaped refractory made from refr

  • Cemented carbide moves towards the international market

    Cemented carbide moves towards

    Hard alloy is widely used as a tool material, such as turning, milling, planing, drilling,

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